Nur Upon Nur Program

Non-profit Solar Services

Non-profit Solar Services

Solar Consultancy

Nur Upon Nur specializes in providing affordable and reliable solar energy solutions to Masjids (mosques) across America. We offer …
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Masjid Partnerships

If you are part of a Masjid in need of affordable solar solutions, reach out to Nur Upon Nur for a consultation. Let us help you transition to solar energy and redirect your savings towards impactful community initiatives.

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Individual Contributions

As an individual or organization, you can contribute directly to our efforts. Your generous donations will help us extend our reach, fund additional projects, and positively impact more lives.

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Spreading Awareness

Help us raise awareness about our mission. Share our initiative with your friends, family, and social networks. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change.

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Ready to make a difference? Fill out the form below, and let's join forces to empower communities, energize lives, and support our brothers and sisters in need. Whether you're a Masjid seeking affordable solar solutions or an individual passionate about our cause, we'd love to hear from you!